Team Members

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  • Michael Trivigno
    General Manager

  • Marcos Ortiz
    General sales Manager ( Redmond)

    General Sales Manager

  • Bob Tippet
    Finance Director ( Bend )

  • Michael Timmer
    Inventory Mgr ( Redmond)

  • Paul Avila
    Client Advisor ( Bend )

    Hello, my name is Paul Avila.  I moved to beautiful Redmond Oregon five years ago.  My goal is helping customers find their prefect vehicle and it is easier than ever because here at Approved Auto, we have all the banks and credit unions offering competitive rates with hundreds of preowned inventory at our finger tips.  Stop by and visit us and thank you for your time.

  • Cooper the Wonder Dog
    Customer Relations

    My name is Cooper, I am a single, 4 year old English Bulldog, involved in Animal Rescue Events, TV Celebrity and dealership  mascot .  I am lovable , intelligent canine that loves the outdoors walking , swimming and running.  I enjoy our animal rescue events giving all my friends a wonderful home. I am the top salesman everywhere I go.

  • Yuridi Durantes
    Client Advisor ( Redmond)


MISSION STATEMENT   Our goal is to give the customer the best sales and service experience they could ever receive by putting the client first, keeping employees engaged in the dealership business and community ,and to communicate with client  and fellow employees with clarity and respect, while working towards the same goal. Exceeding our employees and clients expectations everyday without fail with no exceptions.

Thomas Sales and Service.

Jake Thomas